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Animal Cell Bioreactors
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Animal Cell Bioreactors
von: Chester S. Ho
Elsevier Reference Monographs, 1991
ISBN: 9781483289472
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Format: PDF
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Animal Cell Bioreactors provides an introduction to the underlying principles and strategies in the in vitro cell culture biotechnology. It addresses engineering aspects such as mass transfer, instrumentation, and control ensuring successful design and operation of animal cell bioreactors. The goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis and review in the advancement of the bioreactor systems for large-scale animal cell cultures.
The book is organized into four parts. Part I traces the historical development of animal cell biotechnology. It presents examples of work in progress that seeks to make animal cell biotechnology processes as productive on a cost per unit of product basis as that achieved by other microbial systems. Part II includes chapters dealing with the implications of cell biology in animal cell biotechnology; protein-bound oligosaccharides and their structures; the development of serum-free media and its use in the production of biologically active substances; and the metabolism of mammalian cells. Part III focuses on animal cell cultivation, covering topics such as the fixed bed immobilized culture; three-dimensional microcarriers; and hydrodynamic phenomena in microcarrier cultures. Part IV discusses the design, operation, and control of animal cell bioreactors.

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